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  1. Hand each player a flight board.

  2. Shuffle the victory coasters and deal 8 face up in the middle of the group where all the players can see.

  3. Add Dice to the dice bag according to the dice chart

  4. The player who most recently paid for a beer starts.

Flight Board
Beer Enthusiasts
Victory Coasters


  1. The current Player draws dice at random from the bag.

    • 2 Player Game: 6 Dice

    • 3 Player Game: 6 Dice

    • 4 Player Game: 8 Dice

  2. Roll the dice in to the middle of the play area where everyone can reach.

  3. Players Snake draft dice in turn order starting with the player who rolled until the are all gone. In a 2 player game the last two dice are returned to the bag. 

  4. When you draft a die place it on your flight board.  Once placed you can't move the die after its place. It must be placed in a legal position for that type of die. So glass only in the glass column and so forth.

  5. If a player can not legally draft a die they pass and drafting continues with the next player.

  6. If a player can place a die then they must draft one.

  7. Once the last die is drafted from the middle pass the bag to the next player moving clock wise. Draw dice and repeat draft till the bag is empty.

  8. Once all players have completed 4 beers move on to the scoring phase.

Victory Coasters

  1. Players can take a victor coaster if they have the matching Color and Flavor values on a beer in their flight board 

  2. After placing a die you may immediately take any victory coasters you qualify for. As coasters are claimed immediately replace them from the victory coaster pile. if you qualify for a newly drawn coaster take it as well. Continue until you can't take anymore coasters.

  3. For a beer to qualify for a victory coaster it must match the color and flavor dice but are not required to have the appropriate glassware.

  4. There is only one victory coaster for each of the 16 named beers. It goes to the first player to claim it.


  1. Place the appropriate coasters over any beers that did not receive a victory coaster.

  2. Place a skull and lap coasters

  3. Place the appropriate coasters on any named beers.  If the correct glass war was drafted put the doubled value side up.